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NORFOLK, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Unite Health Share Ministries™ (UHSM) is a nonprofit, faith-based health sharing ministry that supports a community of Christian Believers through member-to-member healthcare sharing, effectively distributing the burden of modern healthcare costs. Its mission is to unite the community of Christian believers, regardless of denomination or church affiliation. Alongside like-minded religious communities and those desiring to honor their personal-held beliefs, UHSM hopes to identify, foster and facilitate education, charitable outreach, programs and services. Its modern approach allows UHSM to prioritize a preventative, holistic mentality to health by offering members perks to improve mental, physical and spiritual fitness as health habits of life.

"I would say that if people are taking preventative health seriously… diseases [can be] detected early," said Christopher Jin, UHSM President. "It's all based on your health and diet, it can be changed, and it can be changed towards the better. Going to a doctor's office, waiting, and getting your physical done, getting your blood drawn, it's only to improve your own knowledge about your own body. And if there's something that's there that you need to get checked out, don't be afraid to get it checked out."

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As a platform for a preventative and proactive approach, UHSM connects with communities locally and nationwide, offering premier opportunities for a hands-on health approach. Its physical, spiritual and mental health perks embody the practice that individuals are "temples of the Holy Spirit," compelled to live a healthy lifestyle, limiting foods, habits and/or personal behavior that can undermine it. By offering connections to its expansive PHCS® PPO network of over 1.2 million Primary Care Providers (PCP), medical providers, specialists, urgent cares and hospitals, members are encouraged to value regular, yearly wellness visits and physicals. Upon membership, UHSM provides access to low-cost, pre-negotiated medication rates through its RX network and services that assist in understanding programs, plans and providers in an immediate area. Now that's white glove service. UHSM offers members free subscriptions to Noom, FitBod, Pray.com, Right Now Media and so much more through its partnerships!

UHSM endorses communities, charitable and religious organizations aligned with its principles and is a proud supporter of Cancer Kinship; California Love Drop; The Female Athlete Mission (FAM); The Orange County Soccer Club, Community Corner; Jarett Andretti, of Andretti Autosport; Pray.com; extreme endurance cyclist Grant Lottering; Amon-Ra St. Brown of the Detroit Lions; the Noom App; the FitBod App; The International Christian Coaching Institute (ICC); and Fireside Ministry. Partnering with nonprofit organizations to enable change and community among members, it actively seeks out further connections, partnerships and affiliations to support.

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If interested in partnering or connecting with UHSM, or learning more about how UHSM shares for the great community of Christian Believers, feel free to get in contact: www.uhsm.com/contact/


UHSM Health Share is a nonprofit, faith-based health sharing ministry that facilitates member-to-member health sharing among fellow Christians, serving as a connector to administer medical cost sharing through its We Share programs. Christian healthcare is chosen by millions each year over traditional insurance plans, and We Share programs by UHSM stand alone as the only health sharing that offers members true prescription coverage through the Rx network. UHSM members can also access care through nearly one million doctors, hospitals and specialists in the First Health PPO Network, a wholly owned subsidiary of Aetna Inc. Additionally, all members can contact the DocDay™ telehealth network seven days a week for diagnoses, treatment, lab orders and prescriptions related to more than 40 health conditions. Headquartered in Norfolk, VA, UHSM offers its members simple, fair, and friendly healthcare programs. The UHSM mission is to help Christian families fulfill their God-given purpose to care for one another, foster holistic wellbeing, and positively impact our communities in need.


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