Unresolved Trauma Linked With Chronic Pain

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A Wholistic Mind/Body Solution To Healing The Root Cause Of Physical Pain

SAN DIEGO - Virginir -- Chronic pain can be debilitating, affecting daily life and causing emotional distress. May 2023 data from the National Institute of Health reveals that 21% of adults in the USA experience chronic pain, with 8% experiencing high-impact chronic pain (Retrieved July 10, 2023 from https://NIH.gov/news-events/news-releases/nih-study-finds-high-rates-persistent-chronic-pain-among-us-adults). Traditional approaches to managing chronic pain, such as opioids or coping skills, have limitations and can lead to addiction or accepting a life of suffering and depression.

The most widely accepted methods in the USA of pain medication and mindfulness practices  leave the underlying cause- the trauma- unaddressed. The CDC and Kaiser conducted a study from 1995 to 1997 that correlates unresolved trauma and poor health outcomes. It is famously known as The ACE Study, standing for Adverse Childhood Experiences Study (https://www.cdc.gov/violenceprevention/aces/about.html).  This study is a great start in better understanding the mind and body connection, but what it fails to do is to demonstrate that healing the trauma correlates with better health outcomes. These are the results Ascension Psychology is seeing with every patient that is willing to explore this work- that addressing the emotional burden improves the physical pain and illness.

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Ascension Psychology is one of many growing practices that is offering an alternative perspective. Founder Dr. Lauren E Pichard, drawing from her experiences at The Betty Ford Center, discovered that chronic pain can be eliminated by addressing unresolved psychological trauma. Combining intuitive energy healing techniques with traditional psychology, Dr. Pichard witnesses remarkable results, even for patients who have undergone surgery before who are surprised that pain can still go away with scar tissue and metal parts.  Some of the experiences she's seen including patients not needing exploratory surgery to see what the issue is with digestive issues, resolution of chronic headaches, back pain, knee pain and improvement and sometimes complete resolution in autoimmune diseases- just by healing the unresolved trauma. When we look at the literature in Traditional Chinese Medicine- it makes sense. Acupuncturists have long been treating emotional issues in the body. Things like anger are said to be stored in the liver, fear in the kidneys, grief in the lungs (https://www.verywellmind.com/emotions-in-traditional-chinese-medicine-88196#:~:text=According%20to%20traditional%20Chinese%20medicine,Joy%20with%20the%20heart).

Further studies of diverse cultural practices and healing methods reinforced the understanding that our physical well-being is intertwined with our emotional, mental, and spiritual health. Unresolved patterns and trauma stored in the subconscious mind can manifest as physical pain and even illness. By healing the root causes of emotional pain, physical pain can be alleviated or even eliminated.

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Some of these cultural practices are being sought after as people are experiencing relief through hallucinogenic plants like psilocybin mushrooms or ayahuasca; Ascension Psychology provides a less intense alternative. By integrating traditional energy healing techniques and psychological wisdom, similar results can be achieved without the risks associated with plant medicine.

Recognizing the mind-body connection, Ascension Psychology takes a wholistic approach to health. Founder Dr. Lauren E Pichard, a licensed Clinical Psychologist, aims to spread the message of mind-body healing, the power of our own consciousness and the many benefits from addressing unresolved trauma.

For those seeking resources, Ascension Psychology's website (ascensionpsychology.com) offers a free meditative self help healing called Shifting To Healthy Immunity and other free resources, such as the ACE Quiz (to see if unresolved childhood trauma could be impacting your current health).  Other services available include individual and group healing sessions, training programs, and self help audiobooks. By embracing a wholistic perspective that focuses on healing unresolved emotional trauma, individuals can experience resolution of pain and illness.

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Dr. Lauren E. Pichard with Ascension Psychology, Inc.

Source: Ascension Psychology, Inc.

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