The National Military Spouse Network Releases Sixth Annual White Paper, 'Rethinking How We Solve The Military Spouse Employment Dilemma'

LORTON, Va., April 23, 2024 ~ The National Military Spouse Network (NMSN) has released its sixth annual White Paper, titled "Rethinking How We Solve the Military Spouse Employment Dilemma." The report addresses the persistent issue of high unemployment rates among military spouses and calls for a fresh and transformative approach to combat this problem.

Sue Hoppin, Founder and President of NMSN, stated that the report takes a new approach by challenging outdated cultural assumptions and false narratives that hinder progress. She emphasized the need for innovative thinking and a more entrepreneurial vision to effectively support military spouses in their personal and professional growth.

The 2024 White Paper outlines six recommendations aimed at eliminating barriers that have unintentionally been created in the process of conducting business. These recommendations seek to promote truth, transparency, accountability, and innovation in future solutions and policies for the benefit of military spouses and the greater military community.

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One of the key recommendations is to eliminate the false narrative that helping service members or veterans means neglecting military spouses. The report emphasizes collaboration within the military community rather than pitting different demographics against each other.

Another recommendation is to clearly define and articulate the problem at hand. This involves redefining questions, considering new solutions, and being more specific to capture the diverse experiences and challenges faced by military spouses.

The White Paper also calls for original solutions specifically tailored to address military spouse unemployment rates. This includes using a design thinking framework to empathize, define, ideate, prototype, and test unique solutions. The report suggests creating new surveys with different questions and virtual spaces for spouses to share their employment stories.

In addition, NMSN urges better evaluation of existing programs, resources, and partnerships to determine their effectiveness in supporting military spouses. This aligns with the Department of Defense's Strategic Plan which aims to improve data collection on key employment metrics.

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The report also emphasizes breaking down communication barriers between agencies and functions in order to effectively support military spouses. This is in line with the Biden-Harris Administration's goal of making the federal government the premier employer of military spouses.

Lastly, the White Paper encourages a wider perspective when addressing employment issues for military spouses. This includes considering the entire military spouse lifecycle, including post-service member retirement or separation, to identify and resolve systemic employment issues.

NMSN is dedicated to taking a new approach to addressing military spouse employment issues and urges stakeholders to reassess existing programs and policies. By implementing these recommendations, NMSN hopes to reframe outdated cultural assumptions and false narratives and create meaningful changes that will positively impact the financial security of military families.
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